I Have a Confirmed Virtual Tour Booking and Want To Increase the Number – Can I and How do I Pay?

We very much appreciate your making a booking request for the number of individuals you realistically expect on the tour.  Some have booked for a very large amount and then not be able to fill the group, others book for a very low number and then greatly increase. Both of these cause issues in the scheduling and can mean we will have to cancel your tour and re-book for a later date.

If you have your own confirmed group booking – You may adjust your number by up to 10 individuals. Please inform us of the revised number as soon as possible, remembering to provide the numbers split between adults and children. If you need an alteration of more than 10 individuals, please contact us first for confirmation as a re-booking may be required.

You may pay for extras the same way you paid for the whole group, but please ensure you include your Booking ID on the transfer.

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