Natural History Museum Tours

You are allowed to take photographs providing this is for personal use only and not for commercial or distribution purposes.  Please do not obstruct the guide or others in the group.Video or audio recordings of the tour commentary is not permitted.

Tripods are not permitted

Photography is not permitted inside the British Library or at the Royal Observatory at Greenwich.

At this time we can not cater for individual visitors at the Natural History Museum. Of course, we are fully equipped to look after individuals and small family or other groups at the British Museum.

Our minimum group size for the Natural History Museum is 10 persons (including children), so if you are based in the UK you may be able to find others in your congregation or nearby who would be happy to join you to make up a group for one or two Natural History Museum tours.

Please telephone +44 20 8432 3423 or email informing us of the number in your party and the date you wish to come, we can then arrange a time for your tours.  Please note that the group sizes in the NHM are strictly limited to a maximum of 15 persons (including children). Of course, if you are organising a larger visit, then your party can be divided into a number of groups. The minimum group size is 10 persons (including children).

Once the tour(s) has(have) been arranged, we require email confirmation.

Please note that the website booking form is not valid for Natural History Museum Tours.

There a number of entrances to the Natural History Museum, but the one we use is on Exhibition Road (not the main Cromwell Road entrance), as we find the queues are much shorter at busy times. Please always allow at least 30 minutes to get into the Museum – more time may be needed in the summer months and especially during school holidays.

Once inside the Natural History Museum (Exhibition Road entrance) you will find the cloakroom. Toilets are up the stairs and directly above the entrance way. The group(s) can meet their guides in the area to the left of the entrance up the short flight of stairs – next to the ‘Human Evolution’ section as shown below. (We do not actually go into the ‘Human Evolution’ areas on our tours!)

We ask our brothers and sisters to kindly respect a dress code.

Please remind every one in the group to dress as they would when attending a meeting at the Kingdom Hall or when visiting Bethel.

We have become well known in the British Museum for having modest and respectful attire and this has provided a powerful witness.

Of course, all on the tours will need to bring a bible – paper or electronic.