Tour 1: “The Stones are Crying Out!”

Although propaganda, the unearthed Assyrian Stones cry out that the Bible is consistently

Tour 2: Jehovah is a God of True Prophecy

Jehovah alone is the true God, able to foretell the future -centuries in

Tour 3: This is History Written in Advance

The Bible is a unique history book - so much is recorded centuries

Tour 4: Problems Faced by Early Christians

What problems did the first century Christians have to face? How did they

Tour 5: Who Is Jehovah!

One of the greatest showdowns the universe has ever seen! How was Pharaoh's

Tour 6: ‘Choose for Yourselves’ (Joshua 24:14-15)

You will be surprised to learn of Egyptian customs and deities which are

Tour 8: Examples of Loyal Obedience – Of What Benefit to Us?

Travel to Ur to learn what sacrifices Abraham and Sarah would have made

Tour 9: ‘Keep your Eyes on the Prize’

Rome was renowned for its mighty army. How could a soldier survive and

Tour 13: Hold Fast to What is Fine

What connection is there between the people of first century Galatia and us