Magnify Bible Tours CIC Limited is a Community Interest Company, this means that according to UK law it is a non-profit making company. No director or shareholder can take a dividend or profit from the company. Any surplus must be passed onto a Charity or another “asset locked” organisation by law. 

The company is run exclusively by Jehovah’s Witnesses, providing Bible Tours to Jehovah’s Witnesses and their friends. Our guides are congregation elders and/or in full-time service and their expressions reflect a deep love for Jehovah.

We strive to develop scriptural themes, and look to the Bible as our main reference source. Of course, many of the exhibits we show on our tours demonstrate the accuracy of the Bible and give evidence of its Divine source, but our tours take the approach of developing themes – showing not only how the artifacts support and relate to the Bible, but also how the Bible and the exhibits connect with our lives as modern Christians.

The aim of all of our tours is to build appreciation for Jehovah and his written word the Bible. Those enjoying our tours have found them very faith strengthening. We also strive to provide an environment in which to enjoy wholesome Christian association so that everyone who joins our tours finds the experience spiritually uplifting and refreshing. Our guides humbly endeavour to give all credit to Jehovah and his organisation.

Why book with Magnify?


  • Guides with many decades continuous experience, many having individually conducted literally thousands of Bible Tours
  • Make donations to the British Museum, Natural History Museum and British Library on behalf of JWs & received formal recognition from these institutions  on behalf of JWs
  • Offer ‘Virtual’ tours live and interactive over Zoom


  • Have Guides who have served our brothers and sisters at the Museum for over 30 years.
  • Have Guides who are Elders and/or in Full-Time Service who seek to give sole credit to Jehovah
  • Have provided an excellent witness to the British Museum and all observers through the exemplary dress & conduct of our brothers & sisters who kindly heed the request to dress as if attending a meeting.