Tour begins opposite the Houses of Parliament. Walk through the pages of history! Examine the results of trusting “Princes” (human rulers) for 1,000 years. What has Christendom claimed for the benefit of mankind, how have they failed to deliver?

You will view the location where exciting Bible prophecy was fulfilled! In fact, you will also see how many prophecies in Revelation were fulfilled. But most of all, you will learn how we can ensure that we protect and value our precious Christian unity.

Virtual Tours: For groups less than 10 – Click for Available Dates
For groups of 10 or more, select any date or time on the virtual booking form, or the in-person booking form that is convenient for your group.

Additional information

Duration1½ hours. For the in-person tour it is a level walk with no stairs, but alongside some very busy roads.
Price (per tour)£3 per adult (Virtual tour); £5 per adult (Physical tour); £0.50 per child (5-15 years old) – virtual and physical.
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