This group from the Shepherds Bush, Portuguese congregation enjoyed seeing Jehovah’s qualities dramatically highlighted in Tour 5 – “Who Is Jehovah!”. They really appreciated the material being provided in Portuguese by our bi-lingual guide.
Why not also “visit Egypt” with us in the British Museum in person, or on-line in a virtual tour?

This group allowed a few Caesars to join them on their amazing journey through Bible prophecy. Certainly, the Caesars showed powerfully how “history was written in advance”!

Dear Team,

Everyone really enjoyed the tour.  The artefacts and photos really brought the tour to life and [the guide] did a fantastic job at presenting this.

Not an easy topic to cover due to the tragic nature of it but it certainly helps us to see how we can imitate those who stay faithful in extreme trials.

A big thanks from our tour group.

Kind regards

[London Birkbeck]

Visitors from Hanwell (London), Germany and Austria on Tour 5 yesterday. It was a busy day at the British Museum, but how Jehovah God made such a wonderful name for Himself was made very apparent!

Why not see for yourself on Tour 5 in the British Museum?

Yes, it is a bit late! This was a lovely group that we enjoyed taking on Tour 3 last week. All were strengthened by seeing the evidence of “History Written in Advance” in the Holy Bible.

Hello there,

We took your virtual tour of London on Friday 3rd March and thoroughly enjoyed it.   We found it very interesting and educational and have recommended it to others.

Your brother & sister,

[Buhl, Idaho, USA]

Thank you brothers and sisters for another wonderful tour!

It cements the fact that we have the truth and  there is nowhere else to be but Jehovah’s Organisation!

We appreciate the hard work you all put in to these tours for our enjoyment!


I pray Jehovah rich blessings on you all!

Your Sister

[Auckland, New Zealand]