This was extremely informative. And the tour guide was  very very good on how he conducted the tour and how it flowed..

Truly amazing tour. I do tours a lot.

Thanks again for you patient help.

Look forward to many more tours in the future

[Encino, Los Angeles, California]

Dear brothers & sisters,

I just wanted to pass on the thanks and appreciation from our group for the incredible tour that we enjoyed on Feb 13th.

Especially with it being so close to memorial “season”, the timing of seeing just how arduous Jesus’ last day was for him was very moving. It also makes us totally appreciative of all that he suffered on our behalf!

Please pass our appreciation on to [our guide]. Quite a number of our group know him personally which made our tour experience even better

I have just submitted a booking request for a new tour, we all love these so much, thank you all!

Warm Christian love

[Fareham, Hampshire, UK]

I totally love this tour!  Jehovah certainly deserves exclusive worship! He truly is awe inspiring! The human body and it’s functions are overwhelming! I love the references articles from our publications also. Very very educational tour!

Warm Christian love to you all. Thank you so very much!

[Lone Star, Texas]

Dear all

We had lots of texts sent to us saying how much they enjoyed it, it was interesting, informative

Faith strengthening and would highly recommend it.

So thank you very much

[Stevenage North, UK]