This group, from Whitstable (UK) and the Netherlands meet here under the stone lion in the Great Court. This is our usual meeting place for our British Museum tours.
They then went on to enjoy tour 4 “Problems Faced by Early Christians” – and tour 5 “Who Is Jehovah!”.
Although some in the group have been enjoying our tours for 30 years or more, they found many new enjoyable and valuable points to consider.


We are delighted to be back in the British Museum and elsewhere in London doing “in person” tours again!

This is our first group – London Central Polish. We all really enjoyed being together in person and seeing the exhibits in the museum.

Will you arrange a visit for your congregation?

I remember that more than 15 years ago, when I had visited UK and joined a tour in British Museum, I thought   “I wish I could join all tours … In the future if I had opportunity  to live in London for several months..”  At that time I couldn’t imagine that Jehovah gives me a opportunity to enjoy many tours via zoom from my place.

Thanks to tour No.16, finally I could imagine Jesus  how to walk and face trails at his last day before the death, even I have been to Jerusalem.

Also thanks to tour No.4, now I became a little more familiar from some ancient god’s names. And I noticed that now when I visit ancient temple of Dionysos or Aphrodite etc. (I’m living in Turkey, and there are some remains of cities and temples around my place), I’m reading their explanation boards. Before I didn’t have any interest….

I really enjoyed every each tour, all of them. I appreciate for that so much. Thank you so much for your hard work!!

Lots of Christian love

This was extremely informative. And the tour guide was  very very good on how he conducted the tour and how it flowed..

Truly amazing tour. I do tours a lot.

Thanks again for you patient help.

Look forward to many more tours in the future

[Encino, Los Angeles, California]

Dear Brothers

We would like to say how much we have appreciated this tour (choose for yourselves) with [your guide].

These tours really make Gods word come alive.

Also a previous tour No 4,thank you so much for making such tours available on line

Jehovah’s blessing

[Carlow, Ireland]

We really enjoyed this tour #4, (and tour “Who is Jehovah” on Friday)

I took notes and seeing the artefacts helps me mentally connect with the early Christians.  The tour was very informative and well presented. We look forward to seeing all of the tours available.

Please keep me on your mailing list.

Christian love,

[La Quinta Cong, California]

We all loved tour #4; and received many messages from the friends besides the verbal expressions after the tour ended; below are some of the encouraging comments/feedback:

Hi …! I wanted to thank you again for inviting me to the tour. It was amazing. ❤💕😘

Thank you kindly… Those tours are spiritually refreshing. It’s a gift from Jehovah through the [organisers].


Wow! Thank you so much [..] for treating us to today’s program! [The guide] has lots of personality, and he really made us think about our Brothers and Sisters and what they had to contend with!

Thank you! We’ve had a very good day 😊🧡😊


[Hockessin, Delaware]

Thank you so much for the tour that friends and I watched today at 4 pm British time.

Our host was […] and he was so informative about everything. It was such a fascinating tour and to see what our bros and sis faced in bible times was very enlightening with the maps, photos etc. It was brought to life.

My friends have been texting me saying how much they enjoyed the tour. One of the sisters took down 5 pages of notes while I took 3.

Thanks so much again.

Warm Christian love,