Dear Brothers,

We are so thankful for your effort and your time that you sacrificed to give us a tour today! As always it was marvellous and very upbuilding. We could see how Jehovah’s word always comes true no matter what worldly evidence shows. It really strengthened our faith in Jehovah’s word and resolved our conviction to trust in Jehovah and never compromise our beliefs despite fear. Thank you once again!

Your brothers and sisters from East Acton congregation.

A huge thank you to Magnify for the tours we enjoyed today.

Thank you to the lovely guides …

Those who had never toured before all said they learnt something & those who had toured before really enjoyed the reminders from Jehovah’s word. Thank you.

A massive thank you for their time, energy & kindness.

[Borehamwood, London]

Thank you very much for very upbuilding, informative and encouraging tour “Time matters” held at the Royal Observatory! It helped us be determined to keep on the watch and follow Jehovah’s timetable as He is the best time Keeper!

Even one stranger had joined us and was taking an active part in our tour 😀Who knows what would be the result?

Keep up the good work you are doing!

Your brothers and sisters from East Acton, Ealing and Kensington congregations.

Dear brothers/sisters,

I am just writing to thank you for the tours that were arranged on the weekend. The congregation enjoyed them very much and found it very informative and upbuilding.

We appreciate the work done to arrange such tours and deliver them, bringing praise to our father Jehovah.

Kind regards.

[London Punjabi Congregation]


We would love to thank you very much for this opportunity to be able to join the tour that was not only very upbuilding but also faith strengthening especially to the new publishers and children of our sisters. We greatly appreciate your kindness of being able to participate.

With Christian love ,

Brothers and Sisters from Polish West Congregation, London

Thankyou for the tour.

It was faith strengthening and shows that the Brothers and sisters stayed faithful with Jehovah’s power as Paul said  “when I am weak ,then I am powerful” in 2 Corinthians  12:10. Also showed how important it is to be prepared  so we can be strengthened to keep our integrity.

We shall, Jehovah willing, learn more from these dear ones who are resurrected on earth.

[Hyde, United Kingdom]

Our family really enjoyed the tour with you this afternoon.  Thank you so much for all the informative and interesting facts about Jerusalem.  It has really enhanced our appreciation for Jesus and the upcoming memorial.

Sending our thanks and wishing you Jehovah’s blessing.  We hope to book another tour soon.

Kind regards

[Watford North]


Hi Brothers

Thank you ever so much for the tour, all the brothers and sisters thoroughly enjoyed themselves and [the guide] did a grand job taking us round. We will no doubt book another tour!

Thanks again brothers for all your hard work, its very much appreciated.

[Folkestone Cheriton, Kent]

Folkestone, Cheriton

Dear sister,

Thankyou so much for that fantastic tour, really informative and upbuilding. I look forward to more to come, it’s just what I need as I’m really limited now as to what I can do.

Thankyou and Jehovah bless you.

[Chesterfield, Derbyshire]

Hi Team,

I just want to pass on the feedback from this tour.  The group absolutely loved it!  [The guide] was a great presenter and the reviews at the end of sections really helped because it was a lot of information to take in! The brothers and sisters had a nice little chat afterwards about the gems.

The Bible study who attended enjoyed it also, even though it was a lot to take in.  Thank you for adapting to fit a time that worked for us.

Much appreciated.

Kind regards,

[London Birkbeck]

We wanted to say a huge thank you in stepping in to do that fantastic faith strengthening bible tour.

My husband and I were with a return visit who struggles to believe in the existence of God and she was so encouraged by the tour and has lots to mediate on.

We really appreciate your self sacrificing spirit and we feel this has made an impact on the return visit who really wants to believe and strengthened our faith too.

Warm Christian love
[Holloway, London]

We enjoyed meeting these two groups yesterday by the friendly lion in the Great Court of the British Museum…

This group came from Bridgemary, Waterlooville, Southampton and Bournemouth near the South Coast of England.

And this was the London Russian West group.

A heartfelt thankyou for our tours at the British Museum yesterday.

All were faith-strengthened and encouraged as our guide [] enthusiastically brought the tours to life by engaging with our group with excellent historical scriptural knowledge by connecting the artifacts and the bible.

[Sheerness, Kent]

The Sheerness Group

Dear Friends,

[The guide] was absolutely marvellous.  I learned so much from the details provided during the tour.

Please keep up the good work!

These tours strengthen our faith in Jehovah God, and you are all to be commended for your selflessness in organizing and presenting these tours.

Your Brother,

[Morrisville, Pennsylvania]

Why not come and meet me and some of my very beautiful but quite noisy friends? We live at Colchester Zoo, near Chelmsford, and our friends at Magnify are organising tours so that you can come and enjoy some time with us, as well getting to see how we give praise to Jehovah – sometimes silently, and other times not! You will also see how some of Jehovah’s amazing qualities are clearly demonstrated here at the Zoo!

Magnify can also provide an “Explorer’s Worksheet” so that you and your friends can discover more amazing things as you explore without a guide too. More information can be found here.

See you soon!

This group from the Shepherds Bush, Portuguese congregation enjoyed seeing Jehovah’s qualities dramatically highlighted in Tour 5 – “Who Is Jehovah!”. They really appreciated the material being provided in Portuguese by our bi-lingual guide.
Why not also “visit Egypt” with us in the British Museum in person, or on-line in a virtual tour?

This group allowed a few Caesars to join them on their amazing journey through Bible prophecy. Certainly, the Caesars showed powerfully how “history was written in advance”!

Dear Team,

Everyone really enjoyed the tour.  The artefacts and photos really brought the tour to life and [the guide] did a fantastic job at presenting this.

Not an easy topic to cover due to the tragic nature of it but it certainly helps us to see how we can imitate those who stay faithful in extreme trials.

A big thanks from our tour group.

Kind regards

[London Birkbeck]

Visitors from Hanwell (London), Germany and Austria on Tour 5 yesterday. It was a busy day at the British Museum, but how Jehovah God made such a wonderful name for Himself was made very apparent!

Why not see for yourself on Tour 5 in the British Museum?