What an amazing experience and virtual adventure. [The guide] did an incredible job making us laugh and inspiring us all to dig deeper into our knowledge reservoirs. We spent the rest of the day reviewing many reminders we all loved. This has really brought us closer together. Looking forward to the next ones.

Your sister

[Immokalee, Florida]

I joined this tour on Sun 28th November and as usual with our tours, it did not disappoint. It was a joy to see and talk to some of our spiritual family at the start, as we couldn’t stay after it was over.

We truly enjoyed how the tour was conducted. I have been on physical tours before but the pictures / scenes from the British Museum were up close and so detailed, that you could almost touch them.

The tour guide made it so interesting and using a sense of humour, it came alive for us. He spoke at a good pace, paused for our responses, and encouraged our comments. At various points, he asked us to make notes or look out for certain points, plus he did a short review from time to time. I went for the easy route and took notes right at the start.

The brother  made it easy to follow using a timeline to help us – whether new or more experienced, and he linked it to the book Pure Worship currently being studied. A sister visiting from Japan (11 hours away) had no time to be bored and neither did we!

Thank you so much for the effort  and research that must have been taken, not to mention the love and care in providing just the right information. This really pointed to the final point made by the speaker – for us  to trust in Jehovah and his Word.

Warm Christian love

[Neasden, London]

Thankyou very much for the very encouraging tour of Assyria. [The guide] did a great job explaining the contrast between Assyrian and Bible understanding. Thoroughly enjoyed it and looking forward to the next one.

[Castleford, England]

Feedback for Tour 1 – The Stones are Crying Out!

“We thoroughly enjoyed the tour this evening with [guide], thank you brothers and sisters.

Christian love”

[Toowoomba South, Queensland, Australia]

“I had just attended Tour no. 1 today, and thoroughly enjoyed it. The tour guide, … was excellent.”

[Petaling Jaya North English, Malaysia]

I, along with two friends thoroughly enjoyed the tour “The Stones are Crying Out” today. Although we have enjoyed all of the tours you offer, I have to say that todays’ tour was one of the best! [The guide] really brought this tour to life. Even though we have read the related accounts many times, to see Bible history revealed in ancient artefacts is absolutely amazing.

After the tour, all in my group wanted view it again just in case we missed anything!

Thank you again and be assured we will be returning for more tours!

[Brunswick, North Carolina]