I absolutely loved my tour! Our guide was very friendly and informative and made the whole experience very enjoyable! I will definitely be signing up for more!!!!

[Brookhaven, Mississippi]

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

We did very much enjoy our tour! Many thanks to you all for continuing to provide these wonderfully encouraging and informative tours. As always great praise is given to our loving God Jehovah.

Many thanks as well to our guide […]. This is the third tour we have now completed with […], and his hard work and enthusiasm are greatly appreciated, thank you […]

It is also lovely to meet other brothers & sisters from around the world. What an amazing united brotherhood we have.

We will definitely be doing another tour in the near future. It was great to hear that virtual tours will be continuing.

Warm Christian love to everyone there,

[Fareham, Hampshire, UK]

Dear Brothers & Sisters,

Greetings. On Saturday I enjoyed your tour on Jerusalem so very much. Not only the review of its history, geography, and importance to God’s people, but also “walking in Jesus’ steps” from Nisan 9. Thank you for this lovely tour which has truly prepared my mind and heart for this year’s Memorial, and thanks to […], our informative and engaging tour guide.


I also liked how the tour was very personable just as if you were at the museum in person with your personal tour guide. It gives each of the friends the opportunity to answer questions and not be so embarrassed. Its hard to do that with a large group.

[Willingboro, New Jersey, USA]


This tour was the most helpful and informative one I have ever joined. It will certainly bring the pertinent scriptural passages to life in a very different manner. I will “see” the locations Jesus travelled and envisage his journeys in a much clearer way!

Also, as we approach the Memorial celebration, the final days of Jesus’ earthly life will take on a greater poignancy for me personally!

Thank you .

[Swansea, Wales]

I would like to thank [the guide] so much for the wonderful tour we enjoyed Monday evening. We loved becoming more familiar with Jerusalem and the temple. We learned things we hadn’t known before.

It was also so detailed about the last few hours of Jesus earthly life that even though we have studied this before, seeing the steps he took was like walking with him.

We had to leave straight away and didn’t get to thank you. Again thank you SO much.

[Lake Munmorah, New South Wales, Australia]


I truly enjoyed the virtual tour of Jerusalem today. [The guide] was a gracious host with an abundance of information to enhance our appreciation of Jesus sacrifice this Memorial season.

Thank you so so much, may Jehovah continue to bless you richly.

Your Sister,

[Utah, USA]

Dear Brothers

Thank you for the very enlightening tour through Jerusalem using the reconstructed model.  It really did give an idea of the last steps that Jesus took and the physical and emotional toll it must have made on him. It makes it personal and yet is done in a way that we can all appreciate but not be suffocated with emotion.

A lovely joyful way to reflect during the memorial season!

[Queensland, Australia]