Dear Brothers,

We are so thankful for your effort and your time that you sacrificed to give us a tour today! As always it was marvellous and very upbuilding. We could see how Jehovah’s word always comes true no matter what worldly evidence shows. It really strengthened our faith in Jehovah’s word and resolved our conviction to trust in Jehovah and never compromise our beliefs despite fear. Thank you once again!

Your brothers and sisters from East Acton congregation.

A huge thank you to Magnify for the tours we enjoyed today.

Thank you to the lovely guides …

Those who had never toured before all said they learnt something & those who had toured before really enjoyed the reminders from Jehovah’s word. Thank you.

A massive thank you for their time, energy & kindness.

[Borehamwood, London]

Thank you very much for very upbuilding, informative and encouraging tour “Time matters” held at the Royal Observatory! It helped us be determined to keep on the watch and follow Jehovah’s timetable as He is the best time Keeper!

Even one stranger had joined us and was taking an active part in our tour 😀Who knows what would be the result?

Keep up the good work you are doing!

Your brothers and sisters from East Acton, Ealing and Kensington congregations.