I, along with two friends thoroughly enjoyed the tour “The Stones are Crying Out” today. Although we have enjoyed all of the tours you offer, I have to say that todays’ tour was one of the best! [The guide] really brought this tour to life. Even though we have read the related accounts many times, to see Bible history revealed in ancient artefacts is absolutely amazing.

After the tour, all in my group wanted view it again just in case we missed anything!

Thank you again and be assured we will be returning for more tours!

[Brunswick, North Carolina]

The Natural History Museum, London have received your generous contribution for the physical and virtual tours we provided to December 2020. Their letter is available here. Clearly, they have been delighted with your support.

Your donations have brought praise to Jehovah and show that His people are appreciative and generous, reflecting Jehovah’s grand qualities. They have also, of course, meant closer working links with management and staff at these institutions and enhanced their support of our work.

Dear brothers

We just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed the tour. We really appreciated Brother […] taking the time to give such an encouraging and informative tour.

Thank you all for the hard work in producing these tours.

Warm Christian love

[Falsgrave, Scarborough, North Yorkshire]

Feedback received from a group who enjoyed Tour 7 – ‘The Bible and Its Fight to Live!‘ at the British Library (virtually!)…

“We all enjoyed it. Very informative.”
“Thank you for the invite … that was amazing!!!”
“Thank you that was brilliant 👌🏼”
“I thoroughly enjoyed today your thank you so much for including me.”
“Quite captivating it was!”
“Was really good loved it”
“Thanks [Guide], really appreciated”
“Thank you [Guide]; it was very informative. And thank you [Organiser] for organizing; Asante”
Many thanks [Guide] for a very informative presentation. Brilliant 👌🔝👋💯✅”
“That was brilliant!”

“Thanks to [Guide] for his research and preparation. Indeed how grateful we are to Jehovah’s provision of His Word and the faithful slave these days!!
Christian love to all who read this.
(Bridport, UK)”

“Fantastic presentation [Guide]. May Jehovah continue to bless you.”
“Thanks for organising this…. Mum and I certainly appreciated it….”
“Brilliant 👏👏👏 ‘well done’ [guide], and to [organiser] for organising the day and inviting us. xx
“Thank you [organiser] and [guide] for org/delivery of tour. 👍🏻”

Just wanted to say ….

Back in 2016 I did one of your tours live and was very sad that time didn’t allow me to see all of them so I prayed asking and begging Jehovah that somehow these tours could be done so everyone (not just those could afford to travel or had the opportunity to travel) could access these tours and that one day (even though travelling to the UK again would be impossible for us), that somehow my son and I would be able to do every single one of your tours. 🙏

Being able to zoom your tours as we have done has been an answer to my prayer 🙏 am so grateful to Jehovah and to all your lovely volunteers!  💗🙏

[Queensland, Australia]

Looking for a tour within the next few weeks?

We have just added a Late Availability page to the website providing lists of tours within the next two weeks where there is space available. The tours available are sorted by tour number and also by date. If you select a tour, time and date from this list it is very likely to be confirmed.

If you have a group of 15 individuals or more, we are likely to be able to confirm your request whether it is on this list or not.

We look forward to seeing you online!