Thankyou for the tour.

It was faith strengthening and shows that the Brothers and sisters stayed faithful with Jehovah’s power as Paul said  “when I am weak ,then I am powerful” in 2 Corinthians  12:10. Also showed how important it is to be prepared  so we can be strengthened to keep our integrity.

We shall, Jehovah willing, learn more from these dear ones who are resurrected on earth.

[Hyde, United Kingdom]

Our family really enjoyed the tour with you this afternoon.  Thank you so much for all the informative and interesting facts about Jerusalem.  It has really enhanced our appreciation for Jesus and the upcoming memorial.

Sending our thanks and wishing you Jehovah’s blessing.  We hope to book another tour soon.

Kind regards

[Watford North]


Hi Brothers

Thank you ever so much for the tour, all the brothers and sisters thoroughly enjoyed themselves and [the guide] did a grand job taking us round. We will no doubt book another tour!

Thanks again brothers for all your hard work, its very much appreciated.

[Folkestone Cheriton, Kent]

Folkestone, Cheriton