We enjoyed meeting these two groups yesterday by the friendly lion in the Great Court of the British Museum…

This group came from Bridgemary, Waterlooville, Southampton and Bournemouth near the South Coast of England.

And this was the London Russian West group.

A heartfelt thankyou for our tours at the British Museum yesterday.

All were faith-strengthened and encouraged as our guide [] enthusiastically brought the tours to life by engaging with our group with excellent historical scriptural knowledge by connecting the artifacts and the bible.

[Sheerness, Kent]

The Sheerness Group

Dear Friends,

[The guide] was absolutely marvellous.  I learned so much from the details provided during the tour.

Please keep up the good work!

These tours strengthen our faith in Jehovah God, and you are all to be commended for your selflessness in organizing and presenting these tours.

Your Brother,

[Morrisville, Pennsylvania]