Thank you brothers for another wonderful Bible tour.  We all thoroughly enjoyed it and I am already being asked when the next one will be!

Some of the comments sent to me:

  • Another awesome tour – it would be great if we could have one of these every month.  My parents said it was the best one they’ve attended and that [the guide] is very clear and simple with his explanations-  they did one before and didn’t get that much out of it they said that thanks for organising.
  • We wanted to thank you for inviting us for the British museum tour this evening. It shows what an unequalled and unique privilege it is to have come to know Jehovah and the concrete evidence that cannot be refuted that he is the one and only God – we thoroughly appreciated and enjoyed it.
  • Thank you for the lovely Bible tour – it was fabulous – most enjoyable. There’s always so much in these tours to think about and reflect on during the following week – very up building – thanks again.
  • [The guide] is excellent as always and my only problem is deciding which one to do next…

Much Christian love
[Beldon, Mullaloo, Western Australia]

Virtual Tour 5 – “Who Is Jehovah!”

I remember that more than 15 years ago, when I had visited UK and joined a tour in British Museum, I thought   “I wish I could join all tours … In the future if I had opportunity  to live in London for several months..”  At that time I couldn’t imagine that Jehovah gives me a opportunity to enjoy many tours via zoom from my place.

Thanks to tour No.16, finally I could imagine Jesus  how to walk and face trails at his last day before the death, even I have been to Jerusalem.

Also thanks to tour No.4, now I became a little more familiar from some ancient god’s names. And I noticed that now when I visit ancient temple of Dionysos or Aphrodite etc. (I’m living in Turkey, and there are some remains of cities and temples around my place), I’m reading their explanation boards. Before I didn’t have any interest….

I really enjoyed every each tour, all of them. I appreciate for that so much. Thank you so much for your hard work!!

Lots of Christian love

Thank you, dear friends at Magnify. This is history written in advance was nothing short of an insightful, deeply enjoyable excursion through the words & meanings of numerous scriptures we thought we knew well. It switched the light on detail completely overlooked & demonstrated the pleasure to be had by digging in during Bible study. I’m sorry it ended :)).

Thank you with all my heart.

[Hillsboro North, Hillsboro, Oregon]

Dear Magnify Tours,

Thank you very much 🙏💗 not only for the wonderful Tour [you guide] took us on tonight, but for the help that ALL your tours collectively (over the last 12 months) have had on my 13 year old sons’ spiritual growth!

I know the Information comes from the Faithful Slave however your tours are so engaging and perfect for young visual learners, that the spiritual food went straight into the heart – for example when [your guide] took us through the “Bibles Fight to Survive” – my son Samuel stopped reading the Bible “because he had too” and started reading because “he wanted to”!

Happily, Samuel got baptised on Sunday and I just had to write and express my gratitude you Brothers at Magnify for all the watering that you did (1 Cor 3:6) and that Jehovah made grow 🙏

May Jehovah continue to bless all your activities! 🙏💗

Much love,

[Queensland, Australia]

We loved loved loved the tour – so informative and interesting and brought to life what Jesus went through in the last days of his life on earth- [The guide] was excellent and we would love to do another tour…

[Beldon, Perth, Western Australia]

I absolutely loved my tour! Our guide was very friendly and informative and made the whole experience very enjoyable! I will definitely be signing up for more!!!!

[Brookhaven, Mississippi]

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

We did very much enjoy our tour! Many thanks to you all for continuing to provide these wonderfully encouraging and informative tours. As always great praise is given to our loving God Jehovah.

Many thanks as well to our guide […]. This is the third tour we have now completed with […], and his hard work and enthusiasm are greatly appreciated, thank you […]

It is also lovely to meet other brothers & sisters from around the world. What an amazing united brotherhood we have.

We will definitely be doing another tour in the near future. It was great to hear that virtual tours will be continuing.

Warm Christian love to everyone there,

[Fareham, Hampshire, UK]

Dear Brothers & Sisters,

Greetings. On Saturday I enjoyed your tour on Jerusalem so very much. Not only the review of its history, geography, and importance to God’s people, but also “walking in Jesus’ steps” from Nisan 9. Thank you for this lovely tour which has truly prepared my mind and heart for this year’s Memorial, and thanks to […], our informative and engaging tour guide.


I also liked how the tour was very personable just as if you were at the museum in person with your personal tour guide. It gives each of the friends the opportunity to answer questions and not be so embarrassed. Its hard to do that with a large group.

[Willingboro, New Jersey, USA]


This tour was the most helpful and informative one I have ever joined. It will certainly bring the pertinent scriptural passages to life in a very different manner. I will “see” the locations Jesus travelled and envisage his journeys in a much clearer way!

Also, as we approach the Memorial celebration, the final days of Jesus’ earthly life will take on a greater poignancy for me personally!

Thank you .

[Swansea, Wales]

I would like to thank [the guide] so much for the wonderful tour we enjoyed Monday evening. We loved becoming more familiar with Jerusalem and the temple. We learned things we hadn’t known before.

It was also so detailed about the last few hours of Jesus earthly life that even though we have studied this before, seeing the steps he took was like walking with him.

We had to leave straight away and didn’t get to thank you. Again thank you SO much.

[Lake Munmorah, New South Wales, Australia]


I truly enjoyed the virtual tour of Jerusalem today. [The guide] was a gracious host with an abundance of information to enhance our appreciation of Jesus sacrifice this Memorial season.

Thank you so so much, may Jehovah continue to bless you richly.

Your Sister,

[Utah, USA]

Dear Brothers

Thank you for the very enlightening tour through Jerusalem using the reconstructed model.  It really did give an idea of the last steps that Jesus took and the physical and emotional toll it must have made on him. It makes it personal and yet is done in a way that we can all appreciate but not be suffocated with emotion.

A lovely joyful way to reflect during the memorial season!

[Queensland, Australia]

This was extremely informative. And the tour guide was  very very good on how he conducted the tour and how it flowed..

Truly amazing tour. I do tours a lot.

Thanks again for you patient help.

Look forward to many more tours in the future

[Encino, Los Angeles, California]

Dear brothers & sisters,

I just wanted to pass on the thanks and appreciation from our group for the incredible tour that we enjoyed on Feb 13th.

Especially with it being so close to memorial “season”, the timing of seeing just how arduous Jesus’ last day was for him was very moving. It also makes us totally appreciative of all that he suffered on our behalf!

Please pass our appreciation on to [our guide]. Quite a number of our group know him personally which made our tour experience even better

I have just submitted a booking request for a new tour, we all love these so much, thank you all!

Warm Christian love

[Fareham, Hampshire, UK]

I totally love this tour!  Jehovah certainly deserves exclusive worship! He truly is awe inspiring! The human body and it’s functions are overwhelming! I love the references articles from our publications also. Very very educational tour!

Warm Christian love to you all. Thank you so very much!

[Lone Star, Texas]

Dear all

We had lots of texts sent to us saying how much they enjoyed it, it was interesting, informative

Faith strengthening and would highly recommend it.

So thank you very much

[Stevenage North, UK]

It was just awesome to hear the facts and figures about the human body especially when they connect to the scriptures. I learnt that at the moment we use only .0001% of our brain’s capacity! Surely it must be 0.1% by now! I take comfort in knowing that in God’s new order we can use our brain up to its maximum! So we will have a lot of catching up to do!
Our speakers seem so knowledgeable and make the tour so interesting with their humour and love for Jehovah! We are indeed blessed to have all these tour guides take us on an evening trip to view some of God’s wonderful creation.
What I also liked also was when asked, the speaker was ready to provide references to support the facts.

One guest said:

Although I think the pronunciation of sone of the technical words were a bit off, the tour made me want to look again at that brochure, Was Life designed? It covers these topics beautifully 👌🏾👌🏾

We can only say ‘Thank you brothers for your love for us! Thank you Jehovah for the feast you provided!’

Warm Christian love

[Neasden, London, UK]

We all REALLY enjoyed the tour!  The guide had a communicative enthusiasm and it was a delight to plunder over all those things together!

Thanks again and again! 🥰

[Drummondville Centre, Québec, Canada]

[We] really appreciate these tours that you have arranged for us on zoom. We thoroughly enjoy them, the one on Sunday ‘Who is Jehovah‘ was so faith strengthening, we would like to thank [the guide] for his commentary.

We also met up with brothers & sisters we’ve known but that we haven’t seen for a long time.

[Carlow, Ireland]