This small but very joyful group from all around the world enjoyed a fine day of instruction and association at the British Museum on Saturday. The focus was on amazing Bible prophesy with Tour 2 in the morning, and then insight into the book of Galatians on Tour 13 in the afternoon. They came from St Vincent, Dominica, London, Falmouth, US Virgin Islands, Canada, California and Derbyshire!

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We seem to be enjoying a run of Romanian-speaking groups in London since we have returned to in-person tours.  This very happy group enjoyed Tour 13 (“Hold Fast to What is Fine”) yesterday.

Dear Brothers

Thank you so much for the hard work and efforts shown in the above tour.

We saw the background of people who were inclined toward bad all the time and saw how pervasive their badness was.

I have lasting images of the problems of the Galatian congregation and have a deeper understanding of the Bible letters to them. The tour built our faith in Jehovah and showed deep respect for his name.

My guests and I really enjoyed it and we are looking forward to seeing more in time.

May Jehovah continue to bless your efforts in nourishing us so well.

Warm Christian love

[Neasden, London]