A huge thank you to Magnify for the tours we enjoyed today.

Thank you to the lovely guides …

Those who had never toured before all said they learnt something & those who had toured before really enjoyed the reminders from Jehovah’s word. Thank you.

A massive thank you for their time, energy & kindness.

[Borehamwood, London]

Dear Brothers

I would like to say on behalf of myself my daughter and 13 year old grandson a big thank you to [our guide] who made todays tour such a wonderful and faith strengthening experience. It was a real treat to have such a personal tour! Thank you for including my grandson too. It can be a difficult age in the truth!

Definitely looking forward to another tour

Your sister

[Titchfield, Hampshire, England]

This lovely group were one of two groups enjoying tours they translated into Romanian at the British Museum. In this case, it was tour 6 – “Choose For Yourselves”. Apart from the Romanian groups, we had visitors from Sweden and Kent, England.

Some of the visitors who joined us at the British Museum on Saturday. These were from USA and Canada, and enjoyed Bible prophecy on Tour 3 in the morning, and then to Egypt for Tour 6 after lunch!

This very happy group from the London Polish Central congregation enjoyed their day at the British Museum on Saturday. They were joined by visitors from Ohio, USA and Anglesey, Wales. They appreciated Tour 5 – ‘Who Is Jehovah!’ and Tour 6 – ‘Choose for Yourselves’.

Be sure to book a tour on your way through London – usually available on Saturdays for any size group, and any day for groups of 10 or more! Simply complete the in person booking form.

We enjoyed conducting a tour in the British Museum for this very happy group! The tour was conducted in Portuguese by one of our Portuguese speaking guides. Some in the group were visiting from Brazil.

Dear Brothers

We would like to say how much we have appreciated this tour (choose for yourselves) with [your guide].

These tours really make Gods word come alive.

Also a previous tour No 4,thank you so much for making such tours available on line

Jehovah’s blessing

[Carlow, Ireland]