Dear brothers/sisters,

I am just writing to thank you for the tours that were arranged on the weekend. The congregation enjoyed them very much and found it very informative and upbuilding.

We appreciate the work done to arrange such tours and deliver them, bringing praise to our father Jehovah.

Kind regards.

[London Punjabi Congregation]


We wanted to say a huge thank you in stepping in to do that fantastic faith strengthening bible tour.

My husband and I were with a return visit who struggles to believe in the existence of God and she was so encouraged by the tour and has lots to mediate on.

We really appreciate your self sacrificing spirit and we feel this has made an impact on the return visit who really wants to believe and strengthened our faith too.

Warm Christian love
[Holloway, London]

A group from Perth, Western Australia, enjoyed Tour 15 – “His invisible qualities are clearly seen” presented as a virtual tour.

Here are the comments from the group organiser…..

Dear Brothers

Thanks for a great tour – yet again!

Some of the comments:

“It was a lovely  Bible  Tour last night, [the guide] really makes it come alive.”

“Hi [], the tour was amazing! Very good presentation by [the guide] – as always! ”

“Can’t wait for the next one!”


[Beldon, Mullaloo, Western Australia]

I totally love this tour!  Jehovah certainly deserves exclusive worship! He truly is awe inspiring! The human body and it’s functions are overwhelming! I love the references articles from our publications also. Very very educational tour!

Warm Christian love to you all. Thank you so very much!

[Lone Star, Texas]

It was just awesome to hear the facts and figures about the human body especially when they connect to the scriptures. I learnt that at the moment we use only .0001% of our brain’s capacity! Surely it must be 0.1% by now! I take comfort in knowing that in God’s new order we can use our brain up to its maximum! So we will have a lot of catching up to do!
Our speakers seem so knowledgeable and make the tour so interesting with their humour and love for Jehovah! We are indeed blessed to have all these tour guides take us on an evening trip to view some of God’s wonderful creation.
What I also liked also was when asked, the speaker was ready to provide references to support the facts.

One guest said:

Although I think the pronunciation of sone of the technical words were a bit off, the tour made me want to look again at that brochure, Was Life designed? It covers these topics beautifully 👌🏾👌🏾

We can only say ‘Thank you brothers for your love for us! Thank you Jehovah for the feast you provided!’

Warm Christian love

[Neasden, London, UK]

We all REALLY enjoyed the tour!  The guide had a communicative enthusiasm and it was a delight to plunder over all those things together!

Thanks again and again! 🥰

[Drummondville Centre, Québec, Canada]

Dear brothers and sisters,

It’s great honour for me to be part of Jehovah’s people.

I really enjoyed every single minute.

Thank you, Father Jehovah, because indeed your invisible qualities are clearly seen.

Sincerely, with love,

[Aveiro, Portugal]

  • Thank you my 🌸 for the wonderful bible tour I really enjoyed it Jehovah is a wonderful Father we have nothing to worry about he made all creation for us all xxxxxx😘
  • Our first tour and loved it!! Can’t wait to do another! Thank you so much for all your hard work!!! ❤🤗❤
  • Thank you for the lovely tour. I’ve learnt so much. 👏🏽 Thanks […] for organizing.
  • Thank you ever so much […]. So wonderful to see our brothers and sisters from everywhere.  Thoroughly enjoyed that.
  • Thank you so very much everyone.  I enjoyed every moment with you all.😊🌸
  • So nice meeting all of you, reminds me of the joy of meeting friends around the world at bethels. Stay safe and remember like [the guide] said our going back to “normal” is still not the real life! 😊
  • When we look at the situation in the world and we see how Jehovah has benefitted us…just blows my mind. I was speaking to American/south African/ British brothers & sisters today, on lockdown! 🤔
  • So wonderful  and beautiful Jehovah created us. Thanks Jehovah and thank you […] for organising, thoroughly enjoyed it ❤💛💜
  • Loved the  tour what a wonderful Father we have. I was blown away about our brain after the 1000 year our brain will be at full capacity it will open up so many doors in the new system thank you [the organiser] xxxxxxx
  • Fabulous tour today.  Love history and [the guide] is so knowledgeable. Cant wait for the next one.  Thank you for arranging them my lovely friend 🤗🤗😘😘
  • Thank you for organizing the tour […]. I enjoyed everyone’s participation.
  • It definitely enhanced my appreciation for the New World Translation. The Bible has indeed endured a lot.😊🌸
  • I love that we can be better equipped to help people to more fully appreciate how we know for a certainty that Jehovah made sure his word has survived in spite of  so many challenges/and false religion’s part in trying to destroy it!!!!
  • Hi hi [organiser] thank you so much my sister please book me for the next one l    love it XXX 🌻😊
  • So very glad to have met you all! Our international brotherhood is just so fantastic and such a blessing!😘 So very nice to be able to socialize with such encouraging & spiritual ones as you definitely all are despite Covid. 🌻💕🦋
  • Excellent tour, thanks for organising […]. [We] really enjoyed that!

I’ll end them here! These are some of the encouraging comments from our brothers and sisters this year.

Thank you, it truly is such a privilege for us to join you faithful brothers and sisters who help us to learn more about our awesome father Jehovah.

[Mutely, Plymouth, Devon, UK]

We enjoyed the tour very much. So many fascinating things about our bodies. No wonder we will need forever to learn about Jehovah’s creations.

Thankyou.  [The guide] did a great job as host and guide.

[Barrington, New Jersey]


Really enjoyed our tour and the tour guide’s presentation. A sister from Northern Ireland said it was “captivating”. So informative for all the family and really brought praise to Jehovah and his qualities. Would definitely recommend it for others and would be glad to do it again. Thank you all.

[Cheshunt, London]

Dear brothers and sisters,

Yes I thoroughly enjoyed the tour thank you. The information was overwhelmingly fantastic and, even though I’m 60 years old, I feel younger knowing most of me is under 1 year old!

Thank you so much for providing these very enlightening tours. I really love them and they really help to strengthen my faith.

Sending you lots of Christian love and thanks

[New Milton, Hampshire, UK]

Thoroughly enjoyed Tour no.15. It is truly amazing how Jehovah’s animal creations bring glory and praise to Him. Also like the the tour guide’s sense of humour as he ‘walked’ us through the Natural History Museum.

[Petaling Jaya North English, Malaysia]

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Wow!! What an amazing tour, truly “awe-inspiring”.

Many, many thanks for putting on such a faith strengthening tour. Please pass our thanks to [the guide] for his presentation, we all really appreciate his hard work.

Looking forward to enjoying another tour in the near future.

Warmest Christian love to you all 😊

[Fareham, Hampshire, UK]


I wanted to to share that we greatly enjoyed the ‘His invisible qualities are clearly seen’ Tour No. 15 hosted by […]

It was wonderful to learn about some of Jehovah’s amazing creations and link them to his qualities. And who can beat the touch of humour added by brother […]?! ?❤️

Thank you my brothers for making tours like this accessible to the rest of us!!!

Your sister in the faith,

[Coopersville, Allendale, Michigan]