Hello! The tour was wonderful and so informative. We really enjoyed going through Jesus last day on earth and the facts about Jerusalem were excellent. We will be back again for sure! There was honestly nothing that could be improved on, it was so well presented and we could see all the hard work that had been put into preparing it.

Thank you so much!

[Sydney, NSW, Australia]

We all enjoyed tour #16, it was exceptionally good. The tour guide’s excellent narrative helped us to visualize the final week of Jesus’ earthly ministry and to understand why Jerusalem is still a cause for joy till today.

[Petaling Jaya North English, Malaysia]

Feedback from participants on Tour 16 – “I Am Creating Jerusalem a Cause for Joy“:

  • “Thoroughly enjoyed the tour! I really got a feel for the location, the history of the city and how awful it must have been for Jesus on that last day. Thank you for organising it.”
  • “Thank you for arranging the tour. We really enjoyed it. It certainly helped visualize not only the scale of the temple but also Jesus’ final hours.”
  • “Very enjoyable and put a real life perspective on the scriptures…loved it.”

[Chorleywood, Rickmansworth, UK]